Fee Only Advisor

We Are Fee-Only Advisors.

What does Fee-Only mean?

  • It means that we sell advice not products.
  • It means that we are not compensated for investment transactions.
  • It means that we don't receive commissions, rebates or other types of soft-money of any kind.
  • It means that you know exactly how much we charge for advice before we collect.

Why is Fee-Only Important?

Fee-Only is the most objective method of delivering financial advice to families facing change. Even though this move is somewhat groundbreaking and less profitable, we believe that the marketplace would reward them who hold their client's best interest at heart. This prediction has turned out to be true, as we are now seeing traditional commission-based organizations move to being 'fee-based', but not Fee-Only. This distinction is important because 'fee-based' advisors may receive commissions and other forms of compensation that are not disclosed to the client. As a result, it is increasingly more difficult for consumers to find advisors who are truly providing objective advice.

Why you should look for a Fee-Only Advisor:

  • A Fee-Only advisor focuses on your goals and not the need to sell a product or a product's performance.
  • Trust is more easily established when the relationship is open and free from conflict of interest.
  • Fees are fully disclosed and easy to understand.
  • The financial interests of the advisor and client are aligned.  As your portfolio increases in value, so does the compensation of the Fee-Only advisor.
  • Your advisor can bundle services into the fee, which is difficult to do in a pay-per-transaction relationship.
  • Your advisor has the freedom to make recommendations without raising suspicion of churning or acting in other manners of self-interest.

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