Funds Safety

After the implementation of Direct Funds Model in May, 2019, the role of Broker in receiving or disbursing client funds has been fully excluded. All clients directly deposit the funds in the bank account of PAKISTAN MERCANTILE EXCHANGE LTD.

You will transfer Funds / Initial Margin directly to PMEX using ONLY the following 2 channels:-

  1. Online Funds Transfer, ONLY from your "Client Profile" approved bank account to PMEX bank account.
  2. Issue a check favoring "Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Ltd." ONLY from your "Client Profile" approved bank account. Then deposit the same to your nearest branch of PMEX bank for clearance.

Following is the ONLY designated bank account of PMEX for deposit of Funds / Initial margin to your trading account:-

Bank  Meezan Bank Limited
Account Title Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Ltd.
Branch Code 0107
Account # (Conventional) 0103648355
I.B.A.N # (Preferred) PK08MEZN0001070103648355
Beneficiary e-mail (if available) [email protected]

Similarly, all withdrawal requests will be made via client portal (pmex website) & PMEX will directly transfer the funds to your bank account (which you will mention at the time of account opening).